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Institutional Absence

Institutional absence is defined as an absence that occurs due to activities students are involved in as official representatives of the College. A student who serves as an official representative of the College is defined as meeting the following criteria.

  • Authorized to use the College name in public relationships outside the institution;

  • Regularly interacts with non-College individuals and groups over an extended period (at least one semester);

  • Represents the College as a part of a group and not as an individual;

  • Represents the College under the direct supervision of a college faculty or staff member; and is authorized, in advance, by the President, or President’s designee, of the College.

Students with institutional absences are not released from the obligations and responsibilities of their courses. However, these students will not be penalized with unexcused absences when absences result from regularly scheduled activities in which they represent the College.

Further, students are to contact instructors, before the absence, for arrangements to make up any work that will be missed in a manner acceptable to the instructor. Advisors of activities will schedule off-campus events that do not unduly disrupt the learning process for students.