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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is currently comprised of a President (Tifton campus), two Executive Vice-Presidents (one from Tifton campus; one from Bainbridge site), and several Senators based on the following formula: two from each School on the Tifton campus and one from each School on the Bainbridge site. Students from the satellite site are eligible to vote with the Tifton campus and are provided representation by those officers and senators. The Schools are Agriculture and Natural Resources, Arts and Sciences, Nursing and Health Sciences, and the Stafford School of Business. Bainbridge representation will be based upon the majors for which students are allowed to register.

The President and Executive Vice Presidents are referred to as Executive Branch Officers; the Senators comprise the Legislative Branch. The SGA serves as a voice and representative for the student body and provides leadership development and service opportunities. This group helps to maintain and strengthen the bonds among students, faculty, and administration, recognizing that a characteristic of an educated person is the ability to cooperate with colleagues. The Dean of Students is the administrative advisor for the SGA. Advisors are selected from the faculty of the College. For Tifton, the SGA office is located in the Carlton Center. For Bainbridge, the SGA office is located on the second floor of the Wellness Center. Contact the Dean of Students for more information on participating in the SGA.