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Foundation Scholarships

Each scholarship offered via the ABAC Foundation, Inc. will be awarded based on pre-determined criteria mutually agreed upon by the College, the Foundation, and the Donor that recognize the donor’s affiliation with the institution while supporting the needs of ABAC and its students. These criteria include, but are not limited to, prior academic achievement and exceptional leadership. Economic need is not a criterion for the selection of recipients except where specifically stated. Scholarships are generally awarded for a two-semester period, with half of each award payable each semester unless specifically otherwise allowed by scholarship criteria. In the case of scholarships that carry awards for more than one semester, recipients must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) established by the College throughout the period of the award and must not drop below a full load during the semester unless otherwise allowed by scholarship criteria. Transfer to another institution will result in the termination of a scholarship. Withdrawal will result in termination unless withdrawal was for circumstances beyond the student’s control. Unused portions of a scholarship resulting from withdrawal during a semester, failure to maintain the prescribed GPA, or suspension will revert to the scholarship fund. Reinstatement of the scholarship after withdrawal must be initiated by students where permitted by the fund agreement; however, a request for reinstatement of a forfeited scholarship award does not guarantee reinstatement. Any deviation from this standard requires written approval from the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer. Scholarships are awarded based upon availability of funds, as determined by the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Foundation, Inc. All scholarships may not be available for award during a given academic year. Detailed information for ABAC Foundation Scholarships and the application process may be obtained from the Office of Enrollment Management or online at