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Tuition and Fee Schedule

Students who are enrolled in fewer than fifteen (15) semester hours within a semester are charged by the credit hour. Additional tuition is not charged for semester hours greater than fifteen (15) semester hours within a semester; eCore classes do not count toward the fifteen (15) semester hours. Students are classified either as a resident or nonresident of Georgia for tuition purposes in accordance with the regulations of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.


Georgia Resident, 15 or more hours


Georgia Resident, 14 or fewer hours

$106.80 (per semester hour)

Nonresident, 15 or more hours


Nonresident, 14 or fewer hours

$394.53 (per semester hour)

eCore classes

$159.00 (per semester hour)

Mandatory Fees Per Semester:


Students taking six (6) or more semester credit hours

Students taking fewer than six (6) semester credit hours

Access Card












Institutional Fee**












*Bainbridge ONLY students do not have Athletic or Health Fees assessed.

**eCore, Internship and/or Study Abroad ONLY students only have Institutional and Technology Fees assessed.

Textbooks and supplies are available in the Stallion Shop (college bookstore). The cost of books and supplies will vary with the courses selected by the individual student.