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Transient Permission

To be eligible for transient permission at another institution, students must have completed at least one term at ABAC and must have attended ABAC within the past three terms and be in good academic standing. If students have any outstanding financial obligations to ABAC, they will not be approved for transient permission. Permission to enroll on a transient basis at another institution for the purpose of transferring credits back to ABAC must be secured in advance of such enrollment. Transient permission originates with the student’s academic advisor and must be approved by the school dean before submission of the Transient Permission Request form to the Academic Support Center. Permission will be granted only for courses equivalent to an ABAC course. Students may not take any 3000-4000 level courses required for their major as a Transient Student at another institution. Exceptions require permission from the school dean. For more information, contact the Academic Support Center. Students must request that an official transcript from the other institution be sent to ABAC at the end of the transient term.