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Male students receiving financial aid are required to comply with the Selective Service registration procedure to receive any state financial aid (i.e. HOPE, Zell Miller Scholarship, etc.). Students must certify that they are not in default on any Title IV educational loans, do not owe a repayment on any Title IV educational grants, and have not borrowed in excess of loan limits. Students must be working toward a degree to receive federal financial aid. The school defines an academic year as 24 credit hours and 30 weeks of instruction for financial aid purposes and a student must take 12 or more credit hours each semester in order to be considered as a full-time student. A summer session is considered a trailer for the purposes of awarding federal, state, and institutional financial aid.

Enrollment Schedule

Enrollment Hours

Payment Status

Full Time

12 or >


Three Quarter Time

9 - 11


Half Time

6 - 8


Less Than Half Time

5 or <