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The School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences has a two-fold mission. First, the School prepares students for careers in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences. Second, the School teaches the Core Curriculum to all ABAC students, preparing them with the foundational knowledge and critical thinking skills that only a Liberal Arts and Sciences education can provide. The School provides all students with the hands-on training, engaged learning experiences, and rigorous academic coursework to help them become independent, critical thinkers prepared for their career of choice. The School offers bachelor degrees in Biology, History and Government, Rural Community Development, and Writing and Communication. In addition, the School offers an Associate of Fine Arts in Music, Associate of Art in Core Curriculum, and Associate of Science in Core Curriculum preparing students for further study in their career field.

Department of Education and Wellness

Department of English and Communication

Department of Fine Arts

Department of History and Political Science

Department of Rural Studies

Department of Science and Mathematics

Core Curriculum, Associate Degree